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Brow Tinting (15 min) 

A temporary dye, that want there brow hairs to appear darker. This lasts up to 2 weeks. Please note the skin may stain and appear darker, but that will fade or wash off within 48 hours.

Eyelash Tinting:(30 min) 


Add a collagen lip mask to any Lash or brow Service for an additional                $8+

Hydrate, Smooth, Condition & Restore your lips with this collagen hydrating lip mask
enriched with vitamins.

Lash Lift (45 min)


Lash Lift + Tint Combo (1hr 15Min)   


A perfect pairing. Your eyes will look brighter, lifted and darker.


If we can perm our hair, why not our eyelashes?

A high quality lash perming formula, which gives

your natural lashes the perfect curl & lift.

It is designed to help your eyelash wave

last longer & save time in using a curling tool

every day.

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